Blacksmith Lenigrast


A Blacksmith located in Majula. After unlocking his building, he will sell various items and reinforce your equipment.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,320 2,000
2 3,327 ?
8 ? ?
  • The chest inside the shop contains a Short Bow.
  • After spending 8,000 souls on his services (not purchases), he hands you a Blacksmith's Hammer.
  • He has an unblockable attack with his hammer.
  • He claims that Stone Trader Chloanne is his daughter.


He first appears in Majula, locked outside of his shop. Once you buy Lenigrast's Key from Merchant Hag Melentia and unlock his the shop, he moves back inside after you reload the area.


  • Can reinforce and repair equipment.
  • Sells various items.
Weapons Quantity Soul Cost
Longsword 1,300
Broadsword 1,700
Falchion 1,200
Estoc 1,500
Rapier 1,000
Battle Axe 1,500
Mace 1,200
Spear 1,400
Ammunition Quantity Soul Cost
Wood Arrow 10
Iron Arrow 50 30
Wood Bolt 25
Heavy Bolt 50 50
Consumables Quantity Soul Cost
Titanite Shard 10 800
Repair Powder 1 2,500



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