Black Gulch

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot
The Rotten Darkdiver Grandahl Forgotten Key
Great Magic Weapon


A drab and toxic area, covered in fluorescent green mould.






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Black Gulch Map (Japanese)

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  • Forgotten Key: Drop off the ledge near the second Razorback Nightcrawler. Facing the face of the cliff, roll down to the right, and then roll down to the left. You should now be outside a large cave entrance. Enter the cave, kill both of the Giants to get the Forgotten Key. They are easily kited, or sniped from an elevator room directly to the right. Poison arrows do roughly 49% of their health in NG.
  • In the same cave as the Forgotten Key, open the chest at the back of the cave (within a smaller cave) to receive the Ring of Giants +1 and Petrified Dragon Bone.
  • From the "Black Gulch Mouth" bonfire, stick to the left hand side until you come across a small passageway. Down this passageway is a chest, containing the Shotel and a Great Magic Weapon scroll. Leave the passageway and continue on the left to reach another passageway, Down this passageway is a chest containing a Divine Blessing.


  • The mould covered statues spit globs of poison, inflicting poison damage and staggering you if your poise is too low.
  • Resting at a bonfire will not respawn the statues. Dying, using a Homeward Bone / Aged Feather or warping between bonfires will respawn them.
  • The puddles can be set on fire with fire weapons or bombs. They burn for around a minute and they will respawn.
  • Lucatiel of Mirrah can be found by dropping down before the first black pools.
  • Darkdiver Grandahl can be reached by dropping off the ledge near the second Razorback Nightcrawler onto a ledge, and opening the door with the Forgotten Key.
  • To access the "Hidden Chamber" bonfire, stick to the right of the path until you reach the stone cave wall. Continue along the right hand-side to reach the bonfire.
  • The summoning mark for Lucatiel of Mirrah is right next to the "Hidden Chamber" bonfire.
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