Black Gulch

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
The Rotten Darkdiver Grandahl
Lucatiel of Mirrah
Lone Hunter Schmidt
Bashful Ray
Great Magic Weapon
Scraps of Life
Pharros' Lockstone
Ring of Giants +1
Fire Seed
Sublime Bone Dust (DS II only)
Poison Shooting Statue
Coal Tar
Razorback Nightcrawler
Elite Giant
Dead Again
Forgotten Key
Soul of a Giant


A drab and toxic area, covered in fluorescent green mould and statues that spit globs of poison.



  • Black Gulch Mouth
    To the left after entering the area.
  • Hidden Chamber
    Continue along the right hand-side next to the bottomless pit until you reach its end. There is a thin path that leads to a chamber with the bonfire. In Scholar of the First Sin, a Fragrant Branch of Yore is required to access the bonfire, as there is a petrified hollow blocking the path.


Black Gulch Map Hand Drawn

Black Gulch Map (Japanese)

Black Gulch Video Walkthrough

Item Guide


  • From the first bonfire, stick to the left hand side until you come across a small passageway. Down this passageway is a chest, containing the Shotel and a Great Magic Weapon scroll.
  • Leave the passageway and continue on the left to reach another passageway, Down this passageway is a chest containing a Divine Blessing. (See notes about this chest).
  • Scraps of Life can be found near the first set of tar pools.
  • Pharros' Lockstone is just behind the second bonfire, hidden in some pots.
  • Drop off the ledge near the second Razorback Nightcrawler. Facing the face of the cliff, roll down to the right, and then roll down to the left. You should now be outside a large cave entrance. Enter the cave, kill both of the Elite Giants to get the Forgotten Key and a Soul of a Giant. They are easily kited, or sniped from an elevator room directly to the right.
  • In the same cave as the Forgotten Key, open the chest at the back of the cave (in a smaller room) to receive the Ring of Giants +1 and a Petrified Dragon Bone.
  • In the boss room, surrounded by lava stones, is a body with the Fire Seed.
  • After the Rotten has been defeated, continue through the small newly opened passage in the rear of the chamber. Before the Primal Bonfire there is a chest. In Dark Souls II it contains Sublime Bone Dust; in Scholar of the First Sin it contains a Petrified Something.


  • The statues inflict poison and can stagger you if your poise is too low.
  • Resting at a bonfire will not respawn the statues. Dying, using a Homeward Bone / Aged Feather or warping between bonfires will respawn them.
  • The pools of tar can be set on fire with fire weapons or bombs. They burn for around a minute and deal minor damage to anyone standing on them. They will respawn.
  • Lucatiel of Mirrah can be found by dropping down to a ledge next to the entrance for the "hidden chamber" bonfire but it's pretty hard to see because it's really dark.
  • The summon sign of Lone Hunter Schmidt is near the large skeleton close to the boss fog wall.
  • Darkdiver Grandahl can be reached by dropping down to a ledge near the second Razorback Nightcrawler, and opening the door with the Forgotten Key.
  • The chest containing the Divine Blessing has a lock on the front but is not a Mimic.
  • After passing a certain point, the player will be invaded by an NPC Black Phantom (Scholar of the First Sin only)
  • As they have a long range and cant be deflected by walls, whips are extremely useful for destroying the poison statues
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