Bell Keepers


Bell Keepers are charged with the sacred honor of guarding the bells in Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol from any who would dare to ring the prince and princess' bells.

How to Join

Talk to the Belfry Guard in Belfry Luna or Belfry Sol just inside either belfry. He is sitting on a piece of furniture to the right of the entrance.

Covenant Rewards

For every host defeated, you are awarded one Titanite Chunk.

Defeating the Mad Warrior NPC in Belfry Sol will also count towards the rewards, but you will not receive a Titanite Chunk for killing him.

Rank Defeated Hosts Reward
Rank 0 0 Kills Bell Keeper's Seal
Rank 1 10 Kills Titanite Slab
Rank 2 30 Kills Hidden Weapon
Rank 3 100 Kills Bell Keeper Set


  • Two Gray Phantoms can invade a world at the same time
  • Being a member of the covenant does not protect you from being invaded by other Gray Phantoms, nor does it stop the Belfry Guard enemies from attacking you.
  • When searching for a trespasser to invade, the Bell Keeper Symbol next to your health bar will flash white. Note that you do not need to be in the Belfy Sol or Belfry Luna locations to be summoned as a gray spirit, as long as you are wearing the Bell Keeper's Seal.
  • If you talk to the Belfry Guard after joining the covenant, he will give you five Rusted Coins. This has no kill requirements.
  • Titanite Chunks are added to your inventory automatically after a kill; to receive the other rewards, talk to the Belfry Guard.
  • While the Bell Keeper's Seal will teleport you to either bell regardless of your location, being in the Lost Bastille or Iron Keep will cause their respective bells to take preference.
  • As a phantom, your goal is to kill the trespasser who steps into the bell tower
  • As a trespasser (you of course) either kill the invading phantom/s who prevents you from ringing the bell or ring the bell before death
  • Killing both the Mad Warrior and other online players will not boost your rank together. In other words, killing the Mad Warrior five times, and killing five players will not allow you to rank up.

The Mad Warrior

  • The Mad Warrior uncommonly spawns in Belfry Sol near the ladders. When you enter Belfry Sol, move forward then look to your left.
  • See the main article for more information.
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