Belfry Sol

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies Enemy Drops
None Belfry Guard 3x Simpleton's Spice
Black Knight Greatsword
Protective Chime
Grand Spirit Tree Shield
Bell Keeper
Roaming Soul Greatsword Bell Keeper
Roaming Soul Bell Keeper Mage
Roaming Soul Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper
Red Phantom Mad Warrior
Invader Bell Keeper
Flame Swathe
Fire Whip
Mad Warrior Set
Berserker Blade
Black Witch Veil
Black Witch Domino Mask
Orma's Greatshield


The second of two bell towers for the Bell Keepers covenant.

This location, like Belfry Luna, is protected by the covenant and you have a very high chance of being invaded upon entry by multiple Gray Spirits if you are in Online Mode.



  • Belfry Sol Approach
    Behind a Pharros contraption after the Ironhearth Hall bonfire in Iron Keep.


Three Simpleton's Spice:

  • Corpse to the right of the ladder tower, between the tower and the fence
  • Corpse on the right side of the roof, near the fence
  • Corpse to the right of the exit fog gate, near the ladder that goes back up to the roof

The Immolation pyromancy can be found just before entering Iron Keep again.

Black Knight Greatsword, Protective Chime and Grand Spirit Tree Shield are behind an illusory wall. Go through Belfry Sol and take the ladder down at the end, pass the corner and the illusory wall is on your right.

There is a rarely spawning Red Phantom called the Mad Warrior, who wields a pair of Berserker Blade katanas. This enemy has a low chance of dropping this weapon as well as individual pieces of the entire set of armor he wears, which is unique and only obtainable from him. See his article for more information.

The Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper and Bell Keeper Mage have their own rare drop: Black Witch Domino Mask and Black Witch Veil, respectively. They only spawn once and the drops are very rare, so it's likely you'll have to use many Bonfire Ascetics to get them.


Belfry Sol Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

This area is slightly hidden, located in the Iron Keep on the path to the Old Iron King boss. After defeating the Smelter Demon boss (or bypassing it using the path from the furnace) you will reach a room filled with lava and suspended catwalks. There will be a lever in front of you and to the left, a set of stairs. Beside the stairs is a room with a Pharros' Lockstone device inside. Activate the device to reveal an illusory wall with a ladder behind it. There is a bonfire up here, but be advised that once you drop down to the bonfire you cannot get back to the lava room until you've beaten the area (or warped through the bonfire) without some kind of fall damage control.

At the bonfire you will find a ladder leading to the area, and an NPC who will allow you to join the Bell Keepers covenant if you have not done so already. As in Belfry Luna, there are several Bell Keeper phantoms here, in addition to Phantom NPCs who wield a Greatsword and dual Avelyn crossbows among other things, so take caution. Additionally, there is also a rare chance that Mad Warrior spawns near the long ladder.

To go back to the lava room without clearing the area, take out the bell keeper who charges into the room when you reach the top of the ladder. After defeating him, equip as few things as possible plus your fall damage control equipment, stand at the opposing corner to the belfry guard, then run towards him and fall through the ladder hole. You should fall near the top of the ladder leading to the Pharros contraption.

Damage taken from the fall:

Three pieces of the lion warrior set (including the skirt): ~200
Silvercat Ring: ~200
Silvercat Ring and one piece of the lion warrior set (beside the skirt): ~80
Silvercat Ring and two pieces of the lion warrior set (beside the skirt): negligible
Silvercat Ring and the lion warrior skirt: negligible
Silvercat Ring and two pieces of the lion warrior set (including the skirt): 0


  • While playing offline, a Bell Keeper will invade you near the bell lever.
  • If you are intending to skip Smelter Demon. you can use the Belfry Sol Approach bonfire as a starting point instead of the Threshold Bridge bonfire. Simply climb up the ladder and go to the bottom left of the room with the covenant NPC. From there, walk or run towards the top-right of the room and you will land next to the ladder after the Pharros contraption, but it will only work if you equip the Silvercat Ring (or have high enough hp).
  • NOTE: Unfortunately, this pvp area has significantly lower chances to be invaded than Belfy Luna.
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