Belfry Luna

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Belfry Gargoyles Belfry Guard Skeptic's Spice x 3
Blue Tearstone Ring
Southern Ritual Band
Dragon Tooth (SotFS only)
Petrified Something (SotFS only)
Enchanted Falchion
Bastille Key (DS2 only)
Bell Keeper
Invader Bell Keeper
Invader Vorgol the Sinner
Stray Dog
Red Phantom Stray Dog (Bonfire Intensity 2+)


A small optional area located just off the Servants Quarters bonfire in the Lost Bastille. Home of the Bell Keepers covenant.

Go down the ladder and place a Pharros Lockstone inside the mechanism, then activate the illusory wall by hitting it. It'll reveal the bridge leading to Belfry Luna.




Belfry Luna Map (Japanese)

Item Guide

Belfry Luna Walkthrough with Boss

The Bell Tower

Belfry Luna and the sister location Belfry Sol are notorious for a high probability of PvP invasions. If you are in online mode, anticipate frequent invasions potentially by multiple Gray Spirits as you proceed through the area. Once you step onto the bridge leading into the bell tower, you are susceptible to invasion.

This is a small area with fairly straight forward design. Upon entering the tower, immediately to the right of the doorway is the Belfry Guard. You can choose to speak to him at this point, as exhausting his dialogue will prompt him to offer joining the Bell Keepers covenant. Be warned that joining still leaves you susceptible to invasions, however. Proceed straight through the hall and up the first flight of stairs. Watch for the hole at the top landing, which will drop you back to the tower entry. Your first Bell Keeper enemy will be behind and to your right when you reach the second floor.

If human while climbing the stairs you will receive an invasion notice, the Dark Spirit Bell Keeper is waiting on the top of the tower. Proceed up the second flight of stairs to the third floor, you will encounter three more silver Bell Keepers. The doorway leading to the boss encounter is blocked, so you will need to climb the long ladder to the top floor.

Invader: Bell Keeper

Regardless of whether you have the Red Phantom, there will be several silver Bell Keepers to contend with here. The Dark Spirit has more HP than the regular Bell Keepers, but seems to have the same AI. This is a divide-and-conquer type of fight, and is almost comical in the constant running away from tiny enemies. While running around the arena in a circle you can simply grab the lever and unlock the boss door in case you do not make it back down.

The Bell Keepers will destroy you with their rapid arrow attacks, which cannot be dodged by running. Roll or make good use of the angled stone corners around the arena. Generally the keepers will chase you in a straight line, and occasionally one will separate for you to take a few quick swings. If you are not able to stagger the keepers, they will shoot you at every opportunity while attacking. A spear and shield combo could be useful here.

Boss fight: Belfry Gargoyles

A clear homage to Dark Souls Gargoyles, which was itself an homage to Demon's Souls Maneaters, you now have to contend with five Gargoyles, each with their own life bar. Four or even five can be engaged with you at once if you fail to kill them fast enough.

See Belfry Gargoyles for more information.

Invader: Vorgol the Sinner

After defeating the boss you can access the only bonfire in the area. The area down the ladder next to the bonfire has multiple dogs, and a Red Phantom encounter. An Enchanted Falchion is on the platform at the top of the stairs, and the Bastille Key is on the ground below. (In Scholar of the First Sin, the Bastille Key is replaced with the Dragon Tooth, a Brightbug, and a Petrified Something)

With persistence and the correct target lock angle, the dogs can be taken out with arrows from the top of the ladder. It's recommended to at least kill a couple of them, as they will all aggro you the moment you touch the ground. Both a short bow and a light crossbow can hit the dogs. It seems easiest with a light crossbow in the left hand while the dogs roam toward the right. Push against the ladder as you cannot fall.

Vorgol is a straightforward spear user but will easily guard break you when your shield is up.


  • Due to the high frequency of invasions, speed is the best tactic for this level, unless your goal is PvP. Particularly once the bell has been rung, avoiding all enemies and sprinting to the boss fog wall offers the best opportunity for success.
  • Playing offline is another option. However there are no NPC summons to help you anywhere. (In Scholar of the First Sin, Masterless Glencour can be summoned even if you're offline)
  • The fight against Vorgol the Sinner after the Belfry Gargoyles is likely a homage to the fight against the Capra Demon from Dark Souls, as the fight takes place in a similar arena with a staircase, with dogs interrupting you while you fight a main foe.
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