Bell Keeper

The bells are the symbols of forbidden love, and the marionettes who defend them do so with zealous passion.
They've been watching over, and ringin', the bells forever. If you seek to stop them, or to ring a bell for yourself, you'll have to face these tiny terrors.


Belfry Luna
Found throughout the map.

Belfry Sol
Found throughout the map.

  • Melee
    • Move out of their melee range when they are in a combo and then move in and attempt to stun lock them with a weapon. Make sure you stay relatively close to avoid them using their bow.
  • Magic/Ranged Strategy
    • Wait until they have fired the two shots of their bow before you begin the attack. Don't get too risky as they can begin and finish shooting at quite a fast rate.
  • You can obtain the armor they wear by reaching Rank 3 in the Bell Keepers.
  • A Red Phantom version of this enemy will invade you once in each bell area if you are in offline mode. It is slightly tougher and has the ability dodge your attacks by rolling like other NPC invaders.

1. Dark Souls II Collector's Edition Guide description

Belfry Luna
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 1,460 350
2 1,760 700
8 2,800 1,400
Belfry Sol
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 800 550
2 1,550 1,100
8 2,955 2,200
Red Phantom
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2,800 701
2 3,830 1,402
8 6,440 2,804
Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%
Resistance Reduction
Fire 30%
Magic 30%
Lightning 30%
Dark 30%
Status Ailment Susceptible?
Poison Yes
Toxic Yes
Bleed Yes
Attack Parryable? Blockable? Notes
Axe Slash Yes Yes -
Bow Attack No Yes -
Throw Firebomb Yes No You can parry thrown weapons (like firebombs) by hitting them in mid-air.
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