Belfry Guard
Belfry Guard


The Belfry Guards are marionettes created by the Prince of Alken and the Princess of Venn to protect their respective bells. They are the leaders of the Bell Keepers covenant and recruit undead to protect the bells.


Belfry Luna
Near the entrance to the belfry, sitting on a table.

Belfry Sol
Right in front of the entrance to the belfry, sitting on a table.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2,100 350
2 4,200 1,100
8 ? ?

Event Items

Item Conditions for Receipt
Bell Keeper's Seal Join the Bell Keepers covenant
Rusted Coin x5 Talk to either Belfry Guard after joining the covenant
Titanite Slab Reach Rank 1 in the Bell Keepers covenant
Hidden Weapon Reach Rank 2 in the Bell Keepers covenant
Bell Keeper Set Reach Rank 3 in the Bell Keepers covenant




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