"A merciless outlaw. High dexterity, skilled with bow; fights well at various ranges."

This class is intended for players who wish to focus their character on dexterity, utilizing both melee weapons and archery.

The Bandit starts out with a high amount of Dexterity and a good amount of Strength. Unlike the Swordsman, the Bandit also has decent Vigor. Oddly enough, the Bandit also has the second highest starting faith in the game, beaten only by the Cleric. On the other hand, the Bandit has the lowest amount of Intelligence and Attunement. If you never intend to use Sorceries or Hexes, this is not a bad class to choose. You will need to raise Attunement by 8 levels if you want to use Miracles and Pyromancies. The Bandit comes equipped with a Short Bow; this is an advantage in the game's first area, but other classes can pick one up quickly as well. The Bandit's low Agility means they initially have only 5 invincibility frames at the start of their roll vs. 13 i-frames on a Dark Souls 1/3 fast roll. It is recommended to raise Adaptability (3X gains to Agility) and/or Attunement (1X gains to Agility) as soon as possible to 86 Agility where it jumps to 8 i-frames.

Starting Equipment

Starting Stats

Level Vigor Endurance Vitality Attunement Strength Dexterity Adaptability Intelligence Faith Total Points
11 9 7 11 2 9 14 3 1 8 64

Total level costs

Total is the total amount of souls required to become that level.
See level for per level requirements.

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