In-Game Description

A stone that is terribly heavy for its size. Offer it to the
Victor's Stone to strengthen the bond with your covenant.

The Victor's Stone thirsts for the souls of fallen warriors,
condensed within awestones, as if they were once part
of the whole.


Offer to the Victor's Stone in Majula to increase your rank in the Company of Champions covenant.


  • Guaranteed drop from invading Red Phantoms, both NPCs and players

Rare enemy drops:

Red Phantom NPC invader locations:

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan invasions:


  • You must be a member of the Company of Champions covenant for Awestones to become available as a dropped item.
  • If you wish to go offline:
    • Join a Party (Xbox 360).
    • On the Steam client, close the game and choose Steam -> Go Offline.

Farming Guide

Equip whatever Item Discovery articles you can. The Old Knights in Heide's Tower of Flame are an excellent place to farm Awestones, provided you don't have access to the Grave of Saints or Bonfire Ascetics, in which case continually farming Rhoy the Explorer is your best farming option as mentioned above, considering you can trigger the invasion 12 times per Bonfire Ascetic used. You must be in offline mode to trigger this invasion. Remember that you need to use the Ascetic on Harval's Resting Place after defeating the Rat Vanguard boss, and NOT at the Grave of Saints second bonfire, Grave Entrance. Kill Rhoy, rest at the Grave Entrance bonfire (it's closer than Harval's Resting Place), and then run down the ladder on the left-hand side. Go back up the ladder, and the invasion will start. I typically run across the bridge until Rhoy comes, which allows you a 1v1 fight without rats. If you have the Force miracle, you can push him off of this bridge for a cheap win. Repeat this 11 more times, then use a Bonfire Ascetic to do it another 12, so on and so forth.

Keep in mind that only the Old Knights who wield the Old Knight Ultra Greatsword can drop Awestones. The most time efficient method is to start at the second bonfire and go down the staircase to where you fought the Dragonrider. Kill the Old Knight there, and proceed up the stairs to the central circular section. You can draw the Old Knight wielding the ultra greatsword by damaging any of the knights with a ranged attack. Run back down the stair about halfway, and the shield knights will not pursue you. The Old Knight with the ultra greatsword will, however. This is a good strategy if you are not confident about your ability to fight all three knights at once. If you are confident, just murder them all simultaneously. Once that knight is dispatched, proceed towards the Old Dragonslayer boss and kill the final Old Knight without a shield. This is the complete run. Rinse and repeat until you have as many Awestones as you need. I just did this run over and over in 5 hours and got 36 Awestones from it. I got approximately 350k soul memory, so do understand that this will take a considerable amount of time and inflate your soul memory.

The best way to do this run, providing you can kill the knights without being hit, is to run through, kill all of the knights, and jump off into the sea. This is a fast way to get back to the bonfire. Although risky because you can be killed easily with the half reduced HP you will eventually, if you collect your bloodstain each time, retain a considerable amount of souls. Alternatively, you can use homeward bones, but getting enough is tricky, and it's just much better to take the honorable death of the samurai. You can, of course, walk back to the bonfire. Trust me, this gets old by the 1000th time.

Of course, all enemies respawn infinitely, so this is a repeatable strategy, since you're in the Company Of Champions, as mentioned above.

Second Strategy (I don't recommend this one): The Razorback Nightcrawler enemies in Black Gulch drop Awestones quite often, but this is a considerably slower farming location than the knights, due to the cumbersome poison statues and the distance required to get to Black Gulch.

Go to the Hidden Chamber bonfire and kill the Nightcrawlers. You can also kill the Coal Tar enemies for some upgrade materials while you're at it. Rinse and repeat.

Undead Crypt
Another place you can farm the awestones is in the Undead Crypt. Start in the second bonfire and backtrack to where the Grave Warden are. You'll need to avoid two Syan Knights but this is very easy. Kill the Grave Warden and proceed to the next room to kill the three Leydia Witches. Use a homeward bone and repeat.
This method can be very useful because the 6 enemies are close to the bonfire and to each other, they all drop awestones, and the witches can drop Simpleton's Spice or Skeptic's Spice.

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