Armorer Dennis


A Red Phantom with a wide array of spells at his disposal.


Forest of Fallen Giants
In Soldiers' Rest. When you step on the Hollow Soldier's side of the chasm, he appears in front of the Tree of Giants. Only in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

Iron Keep
To the left of the Iron Keep door. Will invade if Fencer Sharron does not. Only in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

  • Melee
    • Can be stunlocked using heavy Great Hammer and Ultra Greatsword attacks.
    • Attack him during his cast animations to interrupt his spells, but mind his Soul Greatswords and panic Soul Flashes.
    • He uses a very predictable three-hit combo when tangling in melee. Hide behind your shield long enough to pick up the up-down-up rhythm and you can consistently parry his third swing in no time.
  • If he spots you from a safe distance, he greets you with the Decapitate taunt. He'll interrupt it to dodge if attacked. If you die, he celebrates with a Warmup.
  • Using a Bonfire Ascetic on the Threshold Bridge bonfire in the Iron Keep will respawn him. Likewise on the Soldiers' Rest bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 2,570 1,800
2 3,100 6,600
8 5,860 13,200
Weakness Effectiveness
Strike ?
Thrust ?
Slash ?
Projectile 100%
Resistance Reduction
Fire ?
Magic ?
Lightning ?
Dark ?
Status Ailment Susceptible?
Poison Yes
Toxic Yes
Bleed Yes
Attack Parryable? Blockable? Notes
Upward Slash Yes Yes -
Downward Slash Yes Yes -
Jumping Slash Yes Yes -
Soul Greatsword No Yes -
Soul Flash No Yes -
Soul Spear Yes Yes Parryable with Spell-Parry.
Soul Vortex No No -
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