Armor Optimizer

This Armor Optimizer is current to Patch 1.06 - Reg 1.08

Instructions : To use the Armor Optimizer, a single click on one of the tabs will organize the chart based on that tab from lowest to highest value. Clicking on the tab again after the chart has been specified under that tab will order the chart from greatest to lowest value. For example, by double-clicking on the specified acronym in their respective tabs, you could order the armors by highest to lowest Physical Defense(Phys), highest to lowest Magic Defense(Mag), highest to lowest Fire Defense(Fre), highest to lowest Lightning Defense(Ltg), highest to lowest Dark Defense(Drk), highest to lowest Poise(Pse), highest to lowest Poison Resistance(Psn), highest to lowest Bleed Resistance(Bld), highest to lowest Petrify Resistance(Pet), highest to lowest Curse Resistance(Cse), highest to lowest Durability(Dur), highest to lowest Weight(Wt), highest to lowest Physical Defense Bonus(PD+), or you could use it to find the armor with the best Physical Defense to Weight Ratio(D:W), Poise to Weight Ratio(P:W), Magic Defense to Weight Ratio(M:W), and by Special Effect or Requirement(E/R)

Use : The Armor Optimizer allows users to be able to fine tune the equipment for their build, and use it to the best of it's ability. For instance, a build that is looking for high poise, but low weight would look for armors optimized under the Poise to Weight tab. Or you could be using the Flynn's Ring and you are looking for the armor with the highest amount of defense with the lowest cost of weight, which you would find under the Physical/Magical Defense to Weight Ratio tab. You could also be looking for a piece of armor with an added Special Effect, such as using the Crown Of The Old Iron King for the spell regeneration, or the Hexer's Hood for the added spell uses, both of which you will find under the Special Effect or Requirement tab.

Key :

Phys: Physical Defense - how resilient the piece of armor is to a certain physical damage type.
The physical stats for a piece of armor are W / X / Y / Z:
W is base Physical DEF
X is defense vs. striking attacks
Y is defense vs. slashing attacks
Z is is defense vs. thrusting attacks
Mag: Magic DEF - defense against magic attacks.
Fre: Fire DEF - defense against fire attacks.
Lgt: Lightning DEF - defense against lightning attacks.
Drk: Dark DEF - defense against dark attacks.
Pse: Poise - ability to withstand the impact of attacks. Weak poise makes it easier to be knocked off-balance.
Psn: Poison resist - ability to withstand poison. Higher value reduces the chance of poisoning.
Bld: Bleed resist - resistance to incisive attacks which cause bleeding. Higher value reduces the chance of bleeding.
Pet: Petrify resist - ability to withstand petrification. Higher value reduces the chance of petrification.
Cse: Curse resist - ability to withstand the Hollowing curse. HP is reduced as hollowing increases in severity.
Dur: Current durability/maximum durability. At zero, items break and become ineffective. Durability is restored by resting at a bonfire, but a broken item must be repaired first.
Wt: Weight - weight of the item. Movement becomes sluggish if your load is too heavy.
PD+: Physical Defense bonus - influence of physical DEF on effectiveness of armor worn.
D:W: base Physical Defense to Weight ratio
P:W: Poise to Weight ratio
M:W: Magic Defense to Weight ratio
E/R: Effect/Requirement - special effect and/or attribute requirement
Required attribute: Strength - strength required to equip the item.
Required attribute: Dexterity - dexterity required to equip the item.
Required attribute: Intelligence - intelligence required to equip the item.
Required attribute: Faith - faith required to equip the item

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