Armor Sets
agdayne's set alonne captain set alonne knight set
Agdayne's Set Alonne Captain Set Alonne Knight Set
alonne's set alva set archdrake set
Alonne's Set Alva Set Archdrake Set
astrologist's set aurous set aurous set (transparent)
Astrologist's Set Aurous Set Aurous Set (Transparent)
bandit set bell keeper set benhart's set
Bandit Set Bell Keeper Set Benhart's Set
black dragon set black hollow mage set black leather set
Black Dragon Set Black Hollow Mage Set Black Leather Set
black set black witch set bone king set
Black Set Black Witch Set Bone King Set
brigand set cale's set catarina set
Brigand Set Cale's Set Catarina Set
chaos set charred loyce set creighton's set
Chaos Set Charred Loyce Set Creighton's Set
dark set desert sorceress set dingy set
Dark Set Desert Sorceress Set Dingy Set
dragon acolyte set dragonrider set drakeblood set
Dragon Acolyte Set Dragonrider Set Drakeblood Set
drakekeeper set drangleic set elite knight set
Drakekeeper Set Drangleic Set Elite Knight Set
forlorn set executioner set falconer set
Forlorn Set Executioner Set Falconer Set
faraam set fume sorcerer set grave warden set
Faraam Set Fume Sorcerer Set Grave Warden Set
gyrm set gyrm warrior set hard leather set
Gyrm Set Gyrm Warrior Set Hard Leather Set
havel's set heide knight set hexer's set
Havel's Set Heide Knight Set Hexer's Set
hollow infantry set hollow soldier set imperious set
Hollow Infantry Set Hollow Soldier Set Imperious Set
imported set infantry set insolent set
Imported Set Infantry Set Insolent Set
ironclad set ivory king set jester's set
Ironclad Set Ivory King Set Jester's Set
judgment set king's set knight set
Judgment Set King's Set Knight Set
leather set leydia black set leydia white set
Leather Set Leydia Black Set Leydia White Set
lion mage set lion warrior set llewellyn set
Lion Mage Set Lion Warrior Set Llewellyn Set
looking glass set loyce set lucatiel's set
Looking Glass Set Loyce Set Lucatiel's Set
mad warrior set manikin set mastodon set
Mad Warrior Set Manikin Set Mastodon Set
monastery set moon butterfly set nahr alma set
Monastery Set Moon Butterfly Set Nahr Alma Set
northwarder set old ironclad set old knight set
Northwarder Set Old Ironclad Set Old Knight Set
pate's set peasant set penal set
Pate's Set Peasant Set Penal Set
priestess set prisoner's set raime's set
Priestess Set Prisoner's Set Raime's Set
rampart golem set rogue set royal soldier set
Rampart Golem Set Rogue Set Royal Soldier Set
royal swordsman set ruin set rusted mastodon set
Royal Swordsman Set Ruin Set Rusted Mastodon Set
saint's set sanctum knight set shadow set
Saint's Set Sanctum Knight Set Shadow Set
smelter demon set steel set syan's set
Smelter Demon Set Steel Set Syan's Set
targray's set tattered cloth set throne defender set
Targray's Set Tattered Cloth Set Throne Defender Set
throne watcher set traveling merchant set tseldora set
Throne Watcher Set Traveling Merchant Set Tseldora Set
varangian set velstadt's set vengarl's set
Varangian set Velstadt's Set Vengarl's Set
wanderer set white hollow mage set white priest set
Wanderer Set White Hollow Mage Set White Priest Set
xanthous set
Xanthous Set


  • There are a few unused armors available. They cannot be obtained by conventional means.

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