Antiquated Key
Antiquated Key

In-Game Description

This key is very old, but in very good
condition, such that it should still function.

Only, what lock does this key fit?


Opens the locked door inside the boarded-up room with the boarded-up archways, connecting the two courtyard areas after the Exile Holding Cells and past the Servant's Quarters.


Inside a chest in the Lost Bastille. Starting from the Tower Apart bonfire, veer to the building on the left instead of going straight towards Lucatiel's tower. Fight through the room with the guard, dogs and gunpowder and leave through the door on the ground floor. The chest is sitting right outside.


  • The boarded-up room is a way to access the first bonfire and the Heide Knight for those that hitch a ride to the Tower Apart instead of coming in by ship.
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