Ancient Dragon Soul
Ancient Dragon Soul

In Game Description

Soul of the great ancient dragon that
stands magnificently, deep within the shrine.

This powerful being stands and waits,
for whoever may visit him.

Use the dragon soul, created by those who
peered into the essence of the soul,
to acquire numerous souls,
or to create something of great worth.


Available in Dragon Memories (examine the corpse of the dragon).

Access the memory in the Duke's Dear Freja's chamber in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Ashen Mist Heart is required to access the memory.


Give Soul To Player Receives Cost
Weaponsmith Ornifex Curved Dragon Greatsword 1,500
Consume 75,000 Souls -


  • Appears to describe the Ancient Dragon; however, he does not drop the soul.
  • Like the Soul of the King, this soul is only attainable once per playthrough. Even when a Bonfire Ascetic is used on the Lower Brightstone Cove or The Place Unbeknownst bonfire.
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