Altar of Amana


Praying here as a hollow, if you have exhausted all of your Human Effigies, will restore you to human form.


From the Rise of the Dead bonfire in Shrine of Amana, ascend the stairs to find a locked door. Continue through the door to reach the Altar.

Conditions for unlocking the door leading to the Altar of Amana:


  • When playing in NG+, if you have previously gained access to the Altar of Amana, the Milfanitos do not need to be rescued again to unlock the door leading to the Altar.
  • Dropping all of your Human Effigies or storing them in the Item Box will not activate the Altar.
  • The Altar will restore your Humanity when you're hollow and haven't got any Human Effigies in your inventory or Item Box.
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