Alsanna, Silent Oracle

Alsanna, Silent Oracle


This child of Dark, in reverence of the apocalypse, devotes herself to a ritual in hopes of appeasing the raging flame.1

She guards the entrance to the Old Chaos. You can talk to her while standing on the podium in the great hall. If you agree to fulfill her only wish, she ceases the blizzard that has frozen Eleum Loyce, allowing you to explore new areas on the level and face the Burnt Ivory King.

The ice on the stairs leading to her gradually disappears the more Loyce Souls you hold. See rewards below.


Grand Cathedral
Found at the top of the staircases in the Grand Cathedral.

Bonfire Intensity HP Souls
1 ? ?
2 ? ?
8 ? ?


After you have defeated the Burnt Ivory King, Alsanna will ask you to collect more Loyce Souls. Keep killing the Charred Loyce Knights in the Old Chaos to acquire them.

Once you reach fifty souls, she will remove her ice roots completely from the staircase, and you will be able to talk to her directly.

Loyce Souls Reward
5 Loyce Gauntlets
Loyce Leggings
15 Loyce Armor
35 Loyce Helm
50 Soul of Alsanna, Silent Oracle



  • She is the reincarnation of the fears of Manus, the Father of the Abyss as stated in her dialogue.
  • Once you have the stairs cleared of the ice and you have defeated the Burnt Ivory King, Maughlin the Armourer will add the Ivory King Set to his inventory. Requires that you cleared the stairs by giving Loyce Souls; killing her to clear them does not work.
  • You can kill her for the soul.
  • Will not aggro if attacked.


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