Aldia Key
Aldia Key

In-Game Description

Key used in the mansion of Aldia.

King Vendrick condemned his own
elder brother to the mansion.

They both sought the truth, but through
different means, and their fervor meant the
eventual withering of their familial ties.


Opens a door in the Aldia's Keep corridor, opposite the entrance to the area where the bonfire is located. It contains two Dragon Acolytes and a caged Giant Acid Horn Beetle.


Dark Souls II

In Aldia's Keep, near the hidden Ritual Site bonfire, there is a corrosive acid pool guarded by two enemies. The key is on a corpse there.

Scholar of the First Sin

The key is dropped by the Bone Dragon at the entrance. To make it drop the key you have to light 4 braziers that are located in the keep, and kill the phantoms that spawn.

  • First one is located right behind the dragons head.
  • Second one is located at the top level to the right
  • Third one is located at the acid pit,
  • Fourth is located infrot of the locked room with a chest behind it.
  • First and second will spawn scythe wielding dark phantoms while third and fourth will spawn 2H sword wielding phantoms
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