Agape Ring
Agape Ring

In-Game Description

A ring affixed with an open vessel.
The vessel insatiably absorbs souls
in place of its wearer, who is left
unaware, even of their recollection.

All things are rooted in souls,
but what drives our thirst for them?
Abstinence from this elixir may be
the truest homage to an enduring self.


Purchase from Straid of Olaphis for 5,000 souls.


  • This ring will consume ALL souls acquired, not just souls acquired during online play (invasions, co-op, etc).
  • Added in patch 1.10 for the Scholar of the First Sin update, this ring's main intention is to allow players to better manage their Soul Memory for online matchmaking.
  • Souls cannot be consumed from your inventory while the ring is equipped.
  • Straid will not sell you the ring unless you have a Soul Memory of at least 30,000.
  • to witness this you need to kill dragonrider and flexile sentry with summons (less souls), then get a lockstone (the gutter, accessed with 22 vig, a life ring and the blue seal ring ONLY) and a vagrant branch of yore (gutter or no man's wharf) to skip the ruin sentinels and get to straid directly, which can be useful to play with only 30k SM and help beginners in the first areas.

General Information

Name Use Durability Weight
Agape Ring Consumes all souls acquired in place of the wearer. 500 0.2
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