In-Game Description

Raises various attributes to ensure one's survival. Boosts agility and various resistances.



  • Adaptability increases Agility three times as fast as Attunement does. You get 0.75 Agility per Adaptability, and 0.25 Agility per Attunement level, until the soft cap of 110 Agility.
  • Diminishing returns hit after 110 Agility is reached. Beyond that point, it becomes considerably harder to increase Agility. It takes about 30 levels in Attunement to get from 110 Agility to 111 Agility, and about 15 levels in Adaptability to get to 111 Agility.

Equipment which affects Adaptability

Item Increase Other Effects
Work Hook -3 DEX +5
Vessel Shield 1 VIG +1, END +1
INT +1, FTH +1
STR +4, DEX +4
Simpleton's Ring 5 Makes wearer invisible while rolling
Mad Warrior Mask 2 2 ADP
Peasant Attire 2 INT -1
Peasant Long Gloves 2 INT -1
Peasant Trousers 2 INT -1
Handmaid's Ladle 2 END +1, VIT +1, DEX -1

Fact Gathering

Extensive testing is still required, as most of the effects of adaptability are still untested and are difficult to discern.

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