Aava, the King's Pet


Each of the Ivory King's seven beasts was conferred a specific duty.
Aava's was the guardianship of the King's beloved child of Dark.


Frozen Eleum Loyce
Bonfire Intensity Health Souls
1 (NG) 8,930 78,000
2 (NG+) 12,502 156,000
8 (NG+7) 26,790 312,000


NPC Summons


  • High dark resistance
  • Medium fire resistance
  • Poison immune (can be poisoned in SotFS)

Attack Patterns

  • Roars and charges a large, fast moving version of Homing Crystal Soul Mass. Fires them after a brief delay.
  • Jumping bite attack. This is a grab attack and cannot be blocked. If the initial bite connects, you will be picked up in Aava's mouth and dealt high damage.
  • Jumping claw attack.
  • 180-degree claw attack.
  • AOE blast.
  • AOE Ice pillar attack


  • To see Aava, you need the Eye of the Priestess.
  • When Aava uses Homing Crystal Soul Mass, run left or right across the arena to dodge it. The statues will not block it. Alternatively, you can run directly behind Aava if close enough and all of the projectiles will miss.
  • When Aava stops and hunches slightly while in close range, it's preparing one of its AOE attacks, so roll away quickly.
  • When Aava jumps towards you (either for a bite, or a claw swipe), roll forward and right and hit it with a rolling attacking. Aava will most likely follow up with a 180-degree swipe, so step back a bit and roll away. Aava will usually then jump back, then jump forward for another attack, allowing you to repeat this cycle many times in a row.
  • Aava's tail will move up when it uses a claw attack. this is a good indicator that it is about to do a 180-degree swipe when standing directly behind it.
  • Unlike other DLC bosses, Aava does not seem to gain an overly large amount of HP/Defense from having summons present, and Steelheart Ellie can be somewhat useful. (Masterless Glencour, who can be found on the bridge toward the main gate, seems to be more useful, as he has more HP)
  • Aava is weak to fire, so it's recommended for melee classes to use charcoal pine resin for extra damage.
  • Weapons tend to lose durability rapidly in this fight.


  • Aava is a White Tiger with saber teeth.
  • In order for other phantom players to see Aava, the host must possess the Eye of the Priestess.
  • As with all other DLC bosses, Aava's defences increase depending on the number of co-op phantoms present.
  • Aava CAN be killed without the Eye, but it is extremely hard, nearly impossible to fight an invisible, emaciated white tiger infused by the Dark.
  • You can only use the summons while possessing the Eye of the Priestess
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